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Chinchillas as Pets: 5 Steps to Choose

Why Choosing a Chinchillas as Pets?

Taking care of a chinchilla pet does not require much effort or money. You do not have to walk these low-maintenance pets. In fact, they need half an hour daily to exercise outside the cage.

Chinchillas as Pets. Photo by Wong papa

Why Choosing a Chinchillas as Pets? Photo: Wong papa

Chinchillas have the appearance of a small rabbit and the temperament of a squirrel. These small rodents live up to 20 years, do not smell and have an unrivaled soft coat.

Chinchillas could be charming pets. However they have some down sides - sometimes chinchs make unpleasant noises at night and could bite or chew your furniture including. These small rodents have fragile bones and have to be protected from injuries.

Is your House Suitable for a Chinchilla Pet?

These exotic pets require moderate temperatures up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25C), dry climate, a quiet place during the day, and a playroom for their exercises.

Chinchillas for Sale: Where to Buy

You can buy an exotic rodent in pet shops, private breeders or find someone who takes care of a chinchilla family at his home. Sometimes baby chinchillas do not feel very happy in pet stores. Some animals are exposed in cages without any shelters inside. That could make them frighten easy. The better way to get a pet is to contact breeders where chinchillas live in a colonies and feel happier. The best way is to find pet owner - someone who you already know and trust. That way you will know the chinchilla temperament.

The best age to buy a baby chinchilla as pet is at 8-10 weeks. At that age the animal is young enough to socialize to people.

Chinchillas as Pets: Male or Female?

Chinchillas as Pets. Photo by Dan LXIX.

Photo: Dan LXIX

Female pets are bigger than males. Chinchillas are social mammals - they feel happier when live in families. If you buy a female chinch, you will have to find her a companion. When housing a male and female in a single cage, take into account that male rodents are sexually mature at age of 5 months while females are ready to get pregnant at the age of 8 months. If you do not intend on breeding chinchillas, then separate male from female in different cages.

Basic Chinchilla Supplies

We've collected these essential facts about chinchilla to help you to decide whether this animal suits your everyday routine and your budget. You need to know them before you choose this cute fur-ball as a pet.

Check out the basic chinchilla supplies:

Chinchilla cage (at least two levels)

Chipboard (to cover the bottom of the cage)

Chew proof food bowl

Chew proof water bottle

Food (hay and high fiber pellets)

Food storage

House (wooden or pasteboard)

Dust bath container or shoe box

Special dust powder

Toys (pumice stones and treats)

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